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Basketball Tee
Muscle Tee
Two-Tone Tee

Enliven Apparel - Basketball Tee Social Conscious Branding
Will wearing this shirt improve your basketball game? ... Well, if you don't score the winning basket, your opponents will still get the message
... and the message is more important than the messenger.
That's the power of the brand!
Basketball Tee - $15 CDN

10% of proceeds support non-profit:

Youth Unlimited
Boys JIM Club

Enliven Apparel - Muscle Tee Designed With Purpose
Many people struggle not knowing their true purpose, yet there is a formula... Divine inspiration, devoted focus,
and these 3 simple principles...
Muscle Tee -
$15 CDN

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Enliven Apparel - Two Tone Tee Fit for Your Active Lifestyle
To attract what you "positively" project...this tee presents a natural fi
t... Reveal your inner beauty to the world!

Two Tone Tee - $20 CDN
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Our Slogan is:
"Live life to the fullest"

Enliven Apparel - non profit donations - Youth Unlimited  | Boys Jim Club
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